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Introduction to Skyrunning

The image of Skyrunning has changed dramatically over the last few years. First making headlines with the death defying antics of a few elite and mildly suicidal uber-athelites like Killian Jornet, running up and down the Matterhorn. It is rapidly transforming into an achievable challenge for mountain loving runners who want to add a bit of adventure into a race event. The Skyrunning UK calendar now has 5 events throughout the year and are an essential part of the world Skyrunning Series.

So what is Skyrunning, and do you get started? Well essentially it is a fusion of mountain running, both on and off trails, with easy mountaineering and scrambling. So to get started we need to be good at both, with all the skills and equipment needed to travel through the mountains as runners, as well as solid movement skills over broken rock and easy climbing terrain. Route finding skills on steep ground and knowing how to plan a route are also essential.

This course is designed for mountain runners who are ready for an adventure. A good head for heights and some scrambling experience are helpful. If in doubt give us a call.

At Trail Running Scotland we have the perfect combination of experience to help introduce you to this extreme challenge. As mountain runners who have competed in a wide variety of events, including the Glencoe Skyline we know how to pick a route that works. We are also highly qualified and experienced Mountaineering Instructors with the essential training and experience needed to help to improve your scrambling technique and enjoy a safe adventure.

Based in Glencoe, the home of Sottish Skyrunning, we have easy access to the mountains and a huge variety of locations that we can use for our training. This course includes two days of instruction and does not include accommodation or meals, allowing you the flexibility to choose your own.

There are currently no fixed dates for this course, so get in touch and we will arrange something for you directly.

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