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Get more from your running with training, guiding and inspiration from Trail Running Scotland.

With courses to improve your confidence in off-road running, with running technique, navigation training and tips for dealing with rough terrain.

Explore the Highlands in a different way on one of our guided adventures. Seeking out the best trails on classic journeys and local secrets.

If you are after something a bit more epic then check out our sky-running courses, combining running and mountaineering skills this is the pinnacle of off-road running worldwide. Build your skills or prepare for a race.


Latest News

On the 29th May I completed the Martin Moran Round in Torridon, in a time of 21 hours and 45 minutes, becoming the first person to repeat the round since it was created in 2022. 

Just because someone puts some nice pictures on instagram and seems to do a lot of skydiving, you wouldn’t jump out of a plane with them before asking a few more questions! If you are heading into the mountains, or remote trails of Scotland, you should also have a few questions to ask when choosing a running guide.


At Trail Running Scotland we are working hard towards the vision of a vibrant community of runners, connected through shared values of health, wellbeing, personal performance and an appreciation of the wild places we choose to play in. We aim to do this by providing the highest quality of skills training and inspirational experiences.


We believe:

  • The environment in which we run is fundamental to our enjoyment of the sport.
  • Connection with our landscape and natural history fosters a greater appreciation of our environment and therefore our impact upon it.
  • Every runner has the potential to develop given the right training and motivation.
  • Every runner can find their own personal version of high performance.
  • Every running experience should be fun. 
  • The trail running community should be welcoming, inclusive and diverse.

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